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Customer experience and loyalty

​​Being aware of what your customers are experiencing lets you identify and rectify potential problem areas before you lose customer trust.

Our approach provides understanding of the full picture, to help you maintain and increase customer loyalty. We analyze whether you are in tune with your target audiences’ values, what channels they are using and the experience they are receiving there, and what specific factors drive their loyalty.

We do this by exploring the following key areas: 

Customer segmentation

Starting with the big picture, we look at the major consumer segments, to identify your potential customer base and whether your products and services are in tune with key segments and their personal values.

Customer experience planning

For each segment, we examine their behavior across online, mobile and physical retail. We add a comprehensive review of the experience points that they have with your products and services, across all channels. From these insights, we help you devise a comprehensive user experience strategy.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction 

Finally, we provide ongoing tracking of your customers’ current satisfaction. We include insight on the key factors that drive their loyalty and early warning on customer churn, to help your retention strategy.