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  • Compare markets in Europe: how truck tires stack up
    29 October 2014 - Some of the most perplexing questions in marketing are indeed some of the most intellectually interesting ones. There’s so many ways to approach a research question. Which is the right approach? Is my model the best-suited?
  • Retail centers: Sustainable investment or hype?
    27 October 2014 - GfK retail expert Manuel Jahn explores in a white paper whether retail centers constitute a sustainable investment with genuine substance or an overhyped asset that poses grave consequences down the road.
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  • Downward trend in German consumer climate has come to an end for now
    24 October 2014 - Findings of the GfK Consumer Climate study for Germany for October 2014
  • GfK Purchasing Power Europe for 2014/15
    22 October 2014 - Purchasing power in Europe climbed by around two percent this year. The amount of disposable income available to Europe's inhabitants depends largely on their country of residence.
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