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Insights & Publications

  • Will wearable watches drive the cars of the future?
    5 March 2015 - First it was central locking, then the transponder key. Will wearable watches be driving the cars of the future?
  • Finding the right blend of online and offline retail – what European appliance shoppers want
    24 February 2015 - Home appliances is among the top five omnichannel categories. Our new infographic shows how store and online have complementary advantages for appliance shoppers in Europe
    Retail | Consumer Goods
  • 2014 – a year of innovation in the TV market
    16 February 2015 - In 2014 many innovations were successfully introduced in the TV market and brought new impulses. Ultra HD (also named 4k) TVs, curved and growingly larger TVs, Smart TV and OLED lead to increasing sales in retail.
    Technology | Consumer Electronics
  • One car, three consumer needs: Status, environmental responsibility and staying connected
    9 February 2015 - Automakers must increasingly cater to the tastes and preferences of consumers in emerging markets, as economic power shifts, for instance to China.
  • GfK launches new version of RegioGraph 2015
    5 February 2015 - The newest version of the geomarketing software RegioGraph will launch at the end of March. RegioGraph 2015 offers many new features, including a Web viewer, IP gecoder and simplified data import.
  • Win the battle for loyal customers
    5 February 2015 - Financial services customers are returning to trusted brands but expect specific reward for loyalty. We identify four core emotional and rational triggers that prompt loyal customers.
    Financial Services
  • Online vs. traditional sales: key facts for technical consumer goods (TCG) in Europe
    3 February 2015 - Online vs. traditional sales: key facts for technical consumer goods (TCG) in Europe
    Retail | Consumer Goods | Technology
  • What do Japanese drivers want from tomorrow’s car infotainment systems?
    30 January 2015 - Which car infotainment features do Japanese want
  • GfK releases new digital maps of China and India
    29 January 2015 - GfK has released new map editions for India and China that feature thousands of updates.
  • New Textile News January 2015 is available
    19 January 2015 - The new Textile News January 2015 is available on the Fashion & Lifestyle page.
    Fashion & Lifestyle

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