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  • Mobile Matters: Why FMCG players need a mobile strategy
    17 November 2014 - Why mobile phones are becoming more important for online FMCG sales - Download our whitepaper
    Retail | Consumer Goods
  • A life without market research
    14 November 2014 - Ever wondered what life would be like without the wonders of market research? What if mankind had never thought of this concept? How different would the world be today?
  • Primary sales channels in the Japanese tire market
    12 November 2014 - The automotive aftermarket in Japan consists of four main sales channels, and who uses which one to buy tires depends on the driver’s age.
  • Map of the month: Purchasing Power Europe 2014
    11 November 2014 - This month's map of the month shows the 2014 purchasing power in the European countries.
  • GfK explores strategic implications of market access at ISPOR 2014
    5 November 2014 - GfK will bring together health experts from its pricing, market access strategy and real-world evidence teams at the ISPOR 17th Annual European Congress in Amsterdam on 8-12 November.
  • Compare markets in Europe: how truck tires stack up
    29 October 2014 - Some of the most perplexing questions in marketing are indeed some of the most intellectually interesting ones. There’s so many ways to approach a research question. Which is the right approach? Is my model the best-suited?
  • Retail centers: Sustainable investment or hype?
    27 October 2014 - GfK retail expert Manuel Jahn explores in a white paper whether retail centers constitute a sustainable investment with genuine substance or an overhyped asset that poses grave consequences down the road.
  • Current Trends in the German Radio Device Market
    23 October 2014 - The German radio device market is developing quite steadily in 2014: A minor market value decrease of -0.4 percent has been observed in the current year until September.
    Consumer Electronics
  • Up for grabs: Data shows chances for big-name engine oil brands in Nigeria
    21 October 2014 - New panel data map market for engine oil in Nigeria
  • GfK and Marriott share key learning on driving digital choices
    17 October 2014 - GfK’s Sarah Gleason and Marriott International’s Rob Johnston are coming together at the International Shopper Insights in Action Event (3-5 Nov) to present recent path-to-purchase learning.
    Tourism & Travel | Retail

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