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Insights & Publications

  • The power of direct context as revealed by GfK eye tracking
    22 July 2015 - In a recent paper published in the latest issue of Journal of Advertising Research, GfK eye tracking software was used to explore the visual impact of 187 magazine advertisements.
    10 July 2015 - The German market for camcorders is growing again. From January to May 2015 value grew by +16.5 percent compared to last year’s period.
    Consumer Electronics
  • Household types vary widely from nation to nation
    9 July 2015 - Despite their close proximity, Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic have significantly different sociodemographic characteristics. Household size is a case in point.
  • GfK studies on retail turnover, purchasing power and centrality
    11 June 2015 - Germans have a 2015 retail purchasing power of €5,692 per person. But they do not spend most of this money in the places they live. This is one of the findings of GfK's 2015 study on retail centrality.
  • GfK Financial Market Services
    2 June 2015 - GfK has released the study GfK Financial Market Services 2015, which includes 25 variables on the insurance- and investment-related behavior of Germany's households.
  • What’s moving and shaking the Russian market for engine oils?
    1 June 2015 - The Russian market for engine oils is undergoing a shift: After a good 2013, the market began to stagnate in 2014 and experienced a slow start in 2015.
  • Facebook and GfK win IAB Europe Research Award
    1 June 2015 - IAB Europe has selected GfK and Facebook as the winners of the social media category for their annual research awards
    Media & Entertainment
  • GfK releases new digital maps for Russia
    27 May 2015 - The digital maps render the country's current administrative and postcode boundaries and provide the basis for location-related analyses in geomarketing software and BI systems.
  • Convenience is no.1 driving retail trend; price competition expected to have decreasing impact
    21 May 2015 - Retailers and retail experts have voted overall convenience of the shopping experience for the consumer as being the most important influencer on retail development this year.
  • Growing Mobile Audio Markets
    21 May 2015 - Bluetooth, Digital Radio and Sports – diverse growth segments are pushing the German market for mobile audio devices.
    Technology | Consumer Electronics

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