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Insights & Publications

  • New whitepaper: The shopper of the future.
    18 December 2014 - ​Find out how today’s young shoppers see tomorrow’s shopping experience in GfK’s survey of over 7,000 consumers across the globe.
  • What we want in tomorrow’s car
    16 December 2014 - Almost half (49%) of Europeans want fast internet access in their vehicle, with the biggest appetite for a connected vehicle coming from 40-49 year olds (53%), higher than 18-29 year olds at 46%.
  • Expanded collaboration between Pitney Bowes and GfK
    10 December 2014 - Pitney Bowes is expanding its long-standing collaboration with GfK
  • GfK User Experience division awarded ISO 9001 certification
    8 December 2014 - As well as being awarded ISO 9001, GfK’s UX team is also the first specialist UX provider to appoint a quality control specialist to focus solely on quality.
    Health | Automotive
  • GfK presents Usability of Health IT
    8 December 2014 - Dr. Schumacher PhD is speaking at the HIMSS Middle East Integrated Health Innovations Conference - looking at the useability of software applications and devices in Health, and why are they often so difficult to use.
  • Function or form? How do we want the car of tomorrow to look?
    4 December 2014 - Drivers aged 18-65 in seven European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain), were surveyed on a wide range of topics from safety to cost, comfort to the environment, connectivity to design.
  • Germans would be willing to pay more than other Europeans for tomorrow’s car
    26 November 2014 - GfK and AutoScout24 surveyed 8,800 people for the report ‘The Cars We Want Tomorrow’.
  • Infographic on retail lessons from Leading Edge Consumers
    25 November 2014 - ​Leading Edge Consumers (LECs) are made up of three different types of shoppers: early adopters, influentials, and passionate shoppers.
  • Mobile Matters: Why FMCG players need a mobile strategy
    17 November 2014 - Why mobile phones are becoming more important for online FMCG sales - Download our whitepaper
    Retail | Consumer Goods
  • A life without market research
    14 November 2014 - Ever wondered what life would be like without the wonders of market research? What if mankind had never thought of this concept? How different would the world be today?

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