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Insights & Publications

  • GfK Purchasing Power USA 2015
    28 October 2015 - The average purchasing power in the United States of €35,179 per person is relatively high compared to other countries.
  • GfK Europe Map Edition 2015/2016 depicts current administrative and postcode boundaries
    15 October 2015 - GfK has released its Europe Map Edition 2015/2016, which reflects the thousands of regional changes that have occurred in Europe over the past year.
  • GfK at Vision X 2015
    13 October 2015 - GfK is the official knowledge partner for Vision X 2015 and will be presenting the latest optical retail intelligence for the Middle East market, including new point-of-sales data for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
    Optics & Acoustics | Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Soundbars increasingly provide a cinema atmosphere at home
    25 September 2015 - Regardless of whether they are placed under or in front of the television, soundbars currently provide an increasingly better sound experience and therefore a cinema atmosphere in the living room.
    Consumer Electronics
  • GfK features in Raconteur's Customer Experience and Loyalty report
    15 September 2015 - GfK features in Raconteur's Customer Experience and Loyalty report
  • EU nursery highlights
    9 September 2015 - At Kind + Jugend the world’s leading trade fair for the baby and toddler outfitting sector we present the latest trends within the EU nursery industry.
  • Young shoppers are switched on to omnichannel
    7 September 2015 - Our research shows that young shoppers are an omnichannel generation, expecting a seamless experience between the two environments.
  • Tire Trends in Europe
    20 August 2015 - What are the key trends in tire purchase across the major European markets and the importance of SUV's on the market.
  • GfK confirmed as Knowledge Partner for Vision-X 2015
    14 August 2015 - GfK will be providing a “State of the Industry” report for Vision-X 2015, together with sharing its latest market intelligence and point-of-sales data on the Middle East optics market.
    Fashion & Lifestyle | Optics & Acoustics
  • GfK Annual Report wins Red Dot Award 2015
    13 August 2015 - From a total of 7.451 submissions the jury of the Red Dot Award has chosen the best entries of the year: the GfK Annual Report 2014 is one of them.

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