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We are everything Retail

​The pace of change in the retail environment is driven by digital: more touchpoints, more product reviews and comparisons for consumers to access anytime, anywhere – and more variety in shopper paths-to-purchase.

​To stay competitive and relevant, retail companies have to understand the evolving shopping behaviors and demands of their target groups - and use this to create differentiated experiences across both virtual and physical environments.

Our retail experts provide the insights that support you in this at every step: from measuring your shoppers’ experiences and paths to purchase through to monitoring retail performance trends.

For example:

We capture the user behavior of your target groups across their full path to purchase, to reveal how shoppers’ habits, needs and mindsets shape shopping missions and choice of channels.

We measure the experience that your shoppers are having at each touchpoint and identify the triggers for purchase decisions and long-term engagement with your brand.

And we analyze how effective your cross-media communications are in achieving your brand objectives.

Finally, we continuously monitor retail trends from our sales tracking data, showing what products are selling, when, where and for how much.

The outcome for you is a clear picture of your current and future market, with precise information on how to design retail strategy and shopper experiences that engage your target groups and deliver significant competitive edge.


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