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Smart Media & Entertainment Insights

​Broadcasters and publishers depend on being able to measure the efficiency of campaigns and channels – but this is becoming complex, due to the increasing variety of content and channels.

​Success lies in understanding what types of programs and content are popular across digital and traditional channels and content sources, to gain a clear picture of overall consumption.

Our media and entertainment specialists provide insights into media choices and the drivers of consumers’ patterns—what content is being consumed on which channels and why—by looking at audience, consumer and retail data.

This gives you the insights to deliver content effectively, capitalize on new opportunities and engage loyal consumers.

For example

We use cross media linking to unlock the relevant insights held within numerous big data sources, such as entertainment sales, consumer panels and media channel research. This gives you clear understanding of the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘why’ of media consumption for your target groups.

We combine user experience and consumer experience insights. This shows you precisely how your audiences behave on all channels, how they are interacting with your content and what factors have greatest impact on their perception of your brand.

We track sales of video on demand, DVDs, music, books and games to identify emerging trends in buying behavior and demand. This also allows us to monitor the ROI of your marketing activity, through the uplift in sales.

Together, this gives you a full picture of consumption across the entire media chain, helping you to create strategies that are tailored to real audiences and translate into revenue.